Great Falls Seniors Group Sets First Event

Great Falls Seniors Group Sets First Event

Great Falls United Methodist Church will host July 10 event.

— T he Seniors Group of the Great Falls Citizens Association will host its first event Tuesday, July 10, by celebrating the community’s longest tenured residents. “Forestville to Great Falls - The Last 50 Years and Those Who Lived Them” will pay tribute to residents, as well as demonstrate the

abilities of the Seniors Group.

“This event has been forming for some time. About a year ago, the GFCA appointed a special task force to search out opportunities to enrich the lives of our senior citizens, in ways cultural, social and educational,” said Bob Lundegard, chair of the Senior Center Working Group. “This is a community partnership, and numerous Fairfax County departments and Supervisor [John] Foust’s [D-Dranesville] office have been generous in the support of this


The Great Falls Senior Center will be based on the center-without-walls concept, which relies on community spaces to host events. The Great Falls Ecumenical Council has joined the group and member churches will help host events in their buildings.

“We figured the churches would be a natural point because of the nature of the service they provide to the community and the space they can offer,” Lundegard said.

At a recent meeting of the seniors group, Jennifer Duarte of the Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services said she hopes to be able to find out the service needs of the Great Falls community.

“Once we figure out this community’s specific needs, there will be a lot more opportunities,” she said.

The group has also submitted a proposal to Foust for a charter from the county Board of Supervisors.

By choosing to honor the residents who have lived in Great Falls the longest, the group is hoping to demonstrate Great Falls can be friendly for residents of all ages.

Kathleen Murphy, president of the Great Falls Historical Society will present “A Photographic Tour of Historic Great Falls,” as part of the event, which will also feature food, entertainment and more information about the future of the group.

The Seniors Group eventually plans to host monthly events at different buildings, such as churches and other landmarks in the community. The next one is currently scheduled for September at Dranesville Tavern.

“We’re hoping for a good turnout. This is one of the most rewarding initiatives I’ve been involved in,” Lundegard said. “We want Great Falls seniors to be involved in it too.”

The July 10 event will take place at the Great Falls United Methodist Church, 10100 Georgetown Pike, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Interested parties can RSVP to Linda Fernald at 703-759-3721, and can call Maddy McCabe at 703-438-0810 for transportation assistance if needed.