Paradise Endangered

Paradise Endangered

To the Editor:

For those of you who would like to keep our city green, please take a walk around the Olde Towne Swimming Pool. Notice the nice park area between the basketball court and the homes. There are picnic tables there. There is a nice play area. The grass area is shaded by the trees. This is a very nice green space, and its blocked from moving traffic. There is a nice view of the pool. This is a very pleasant area, very nice for anyone to enjoy. Anyone using the pool can easily access this area without having to cross moving traffic. Anyone taking their family or friends to the playground or basketball court can easily enjoy this area.

That is until the new Jefferson-Houston Elementary School is built and the builder tears this area apart to make a drop off for the new school.

That is until they open the currently closed end parking lot so they can wrap a driveway around the swimming pool causing moving vehicular traffic at all hours.

There is a way to keep this area safe and enclosed for all to enjoy. The builder can build a driveway going around the Durant Center, open more parking behind the Durant Center for activities. Once the new school is built and the current field is moved to Cameron Street, right next to the Durant Center, the driveway going around the Durant Center could provide more parking by the new field, more parking, including handicap parking closer to the front of the Durant Center.

Keep our park where it is, keep our basketball court where it is. Keep our green space where it is. Come, see for yourself, our own little piece of paradise hidden in a corner. Don’t take this away.

Bea Porter