Letter: Making Care Affordable

Letter: Making Care Affordable

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Many people have personal reasons for being glad that the Supreme Court has upheld President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and for hoping that his opponents will not be able to repeal it. I have a couple of my own:

First, a Virginia carpenter whom I deeply respect came to me as he was battling colon cancer. He had no health insurance. His biggest fear was not death but the debts he had amassed in fighting the disease. He had reached financial ruin and was about to lose his house. There was no job that was too hard or too menial for him to do. In the strength of his manhood he had done them all. Yet he cried like a baby from the shame he perceived in having to ask me for money. It is uncivilized and inhumane to have more than 30 million Americans who have no insurance, cannot get it, and face financial ruin if they get sick like my carpenter friend. President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, when fully implemented, will basically solve this problem.

Second, my brother Dr. Donald M. Vickery got me to introduce in the Virginia House of Delegates some of the first wellness, preventative care legislation some thirty five years ago. The legislation failed, but Donnie went on to write a series of books advocating wellness and health care. Don has now passed away, but President Obama’s Affordable Care Act puts into effect wellness and preventative care as a national health priority. My brother would have been proud.

I believe that when most Americans think about it, they will have their own personal reasons to be in favor of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. These reason will range from banning denial of coverage because of pre-existing conditions, fixing gaps in prescription drug coverage, ending insurance discrimination against women, to allowing young adults to stay on their parents coverage.

Now that there have been positive decisions from the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government, it is time to recognize the benefits of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, put partisan attacks behind us, and move on.

Raymond E. Vickery, Jr.