Herrity, Hugo Respond to Obama’s Visit

Herrity, Hugo Respond to Obama’s Visit

Both Supervisor Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) and Del. Tim Hugo (R-40) held a joint press conference Saturday afternoon, speaking to local Romney supporters prior to President Obama’s campaign rally at Centreville High. Said Herrity: "It was nice to see so many people from Little Rocky Run stop by and pick up Romney signs and stand with us."

Herrity’s comments included the following:

"As the CFO of a government contractor, and a member of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, I see firsthand the devastating impact the pending defense cuts are having on the military, government employees and government contractors in Northern Virginia," said Herrity.

"The first four years under President Obama have been characterized by a gross lack of leadership on issues key to Northern Virginians," he continued. "The cuts in defense and government contracting are a direct result of his failure to work across the aisle and craft real solutions for America. Northern Virginians cannot afford four more years of failed leadership, divisiveness and tax hikes."

When asked by a [TV] reporter about Bain Capital, Herrity replied, "It’s not about Bain Capital — it’s about 8.2 percent unemployment, tax hikes on our hardworking small businesses and residents, destruction of our healthcare system and a failed presidency."

As for Hugo, he said, "It is unfortunate that during President Obama’s visit to Centreville High School, located in the heart of my district, he has chosen to speak of raising taxes on my constituents, on Virginians and on Virginia small businesses that are the backbone of our economy."

"President Obama’s $1.5 trillion of tax increases will bring our nation's fragile economy to a screeching halt," continued Hugo. "Only by electing Governor Romney as president will this nation stand any chance of restoring people’s belief in the American Dream — if they work hard, they can succeed."

Otherwise, said Hugo, "These are the people who will take it on the chin with Obama’s tax increases. These are the job-producers, the dual-income families. This is Ground Zero for the Obama tax increases."