Letter: Expansion of Medicaid

Letter: Expansion of Medicaid

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

One of the key issues in the Affordable Care Act is the multi-billion

dollar expansion of Medicaid. It’s going to cost individual states billions of dollars to enroll all the potential recipients and Virginia will be responsible for at least an additional $1.18 billion. We will become dependent on fluctuating federal grants to cover the remaining billion. I want to know how the candidates who are running for Governor are going to handle this enormous fiscal burden. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has never liked the law and was the first to challenge it in court. I’m sure he will continue his effort to strike down this bill, accessing alternative options, and promote the principles of smaller state government. His likely

opponent, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, hasn’t said anything. Would he be supportive and how does he propose to pay for it?

Natalie Filzen