Pets for Adoption

— To learn more about Partnership for Animal Welfare, the pets shown, volunteer, or make a much-needed, tax-deductible donation contact PAW at www.paw-rescue.org, call 301-572-4729, or write P.A.W., P.O. Box 1074, Greenbelt, MD 20768.


AXEL (Dog)- M, 9 years, 61lbs., neutered, Husky mix — Axel is a wonderful, neglected mature boy that never lost his sweet temperament in spite of poor treatment by his humans. He loves people, walks, and will do about anything for a treat. Axel would be a great dog for an older family who could take leisurely strolls with this sweet boy.


SMUDGE (Cat)- M, 3 months, neutered, DSH kitten — Smudge is a small but active boy that is full of play and doesn’t mind small dogs. He is very friendly with people. His name comes from the dark patch on his white nose. Smudge is close to the perfect kitten & wants to amuse you with his antics as he grows into a great cat.