Letter: A Matter Of Respect

Letter: A Matter Of Respect

To the Editor:

Memorial Day is often taken for granted; too many don’t give a thought about what it means. The freedom so many hold so dearly and yet so close to heart came from the many who gave their lives for our country.

On Memorial Day, in honor of all our veterans and those in military service, we all can say thanks.

I like to share my way of saying thanks as often as I have written about a little rock in my neighborhood. It has a meaning for so many that can relate to a simple message that speaks of freedom. On the Veterans Memorial Walkway along the bike path of the 500 block of South Columbus and Wilkes Street sits this little big rock with its plaque that reads:

Dedicated to the City of Alexandria and Alexandria’s Veterans' Organizations on Veterans' Day, Nov. 11, 1979, in honored memory of the deceased Alexandria veterans of all the United States wars.

Their service in war and peace contributed greatly to the welfare of their fellow citizens.

Charles E. Beatley, Jr., Mayor; Robert L. Calhoun, Vice Mayor;

Donald C. Casey, Councilman; Margaret B. Inman, Councilwoman; Nelson E. Greene, Jr., Councilman; James P. Moran, Jr., Councilman; Carlyle C. Ring, Jr., Councilman.

In honor of all our veterans and men and women in uniform who have served and fought for our country, let them not be forgotten.

Geri Baldwin