Langley Student Recognized for Math Tutoring

Langley Student Recognized for Math Tutoring


Vishal Erabelli.

Students from Langley High School have been volunteering with non profit organization, National Science & Technology Education Partnership (NSTEP), as math tutors to underserved students from around the country. Vishal Erabelli, from Langley High School, was named as the Tutor of the Week this passed school year for NSTEP’s Study Buddy program. Vishal was selected for this distinction due to exemplary tutoring sessions with struggling, underserved math students.

NSTEP is a national non-profit whose mission is to help underserved

students improve their understanding of math through free, unlimited, on-line access to free tutoring from gifted high school math students nationwide. As a member of Langley High School's math honor society, Vishal volunteers online to provide a service to his community.