Letter:Regulate Political Signs

Letter:Regulate Political Signs

— To the Editor:

Am I the only person in Alexandria who believes that yard signs belong in "yards" and not on public property?

I am so angry that I am almost tempted to run for office on a platform that my signs will only be in the yards of people who support me.

The number of candidates in this year's Democratic primary only exacerbated a problem we have during each election cycle. Aside from being ugly, the signs that remain up are preventing maintenance of public space.

The city council should pass an ordinance restricting signs to personal property or restricting how long they can be up (I.e. 7 days before a primary or general election amd removal within 24 hrs). Here's an idea to raise revenue, let's start fining campaigns who don't remove the signs by the required date.

I'm all for the First Amendment, but let's put some sanity behind "yard" sign displays.

Ruth Ravitz Smith