Letter: Opportunity to Succeed

Letter: Opportunity to Succeed

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

My name is Kyle McCauley and I'm a senior in high school who lives in McLean. Having just received my acceptance letter to the College of William and Mary, I could not be more grateful that my parents were able to send me to a private school. I have attended private schools since kindergarten; while it has not always been easy for my family, I really appreciate the sacrifices that my parents have made because I believe it gave me an extra advantage in some areas of my education.

For generations, families in communities statewide have been forced to send their children to failing schools, limiting their opportunities to succeed. Virginia Senate Bill 131 seeks to give low-income children the opportunity to attend the school of their choice. S.B. 131 was passed by the Senate last week thanks to the tie-breaking vote of Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and currently awaits passage in the Virginia House of Delegates. This bill provides tax credits to companies that grant scholarships to low-income children and it will allow parents to have more options for their children's education. Too many institutions fail to not only adequately prepare their students for the work force, but also fail to motivate them to explore every opportunity to succeed. This includes helping them find scholarships and determine their personal path to achievement. Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling’s tie breaking vote is all about giving our state’s less-advantaged children a competitive stake in attending the many public and private Virginia universities that are among the best in the nation.

Again, I want to take this opportunity to thank Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling for his advocacy for low-income Virginia families. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the school of my choice and I hope that all children in Virginia are afforded with this same invaluable opportunity.

Kyle McCauley