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Author, Author

Writers for young adults to visit Connelly School of the Holy Child.

Once again, librarian Sarah Stonesifer at Connelly School of the Holy Child in Potomac has arranged an event to spark students’ excitement about reading.

On Tuesday, March 13, two young adult writers will visit and talk with the students about their work, what's it like to be a published author, and how they produce great ideas, characters, and get paid to do what they love.

Ally Carter is the best-selling author of the Gallagher Girls series. These New York Times-bestselling young adult novels feature Cammie Morgan attending an all-girls boarding school for “especially gifted students” that is actually a spy training program. Carter also wrote “Heist Society” (2009) and its follow-up “Uncommon Criminals” (2011). On the day that she visits at Connelly School of the Holy Child, the fifth volume of the Gallagher Girls series will be released, “Out of Sight, Out of Time.”

Rachel Hawkins’ Hex Hall series began with the eponymous book released in 2010. This series tells the story of the teenage witch, Sophie Mercer, who is shipped off of the magical reform school for those fantastical beings that cannot control their powers. The third book, “Spell Bound,” will also be released on March 13.

Politics & Prose is also offering an ordering option for Ally Carter’s “I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You” and the new “Out of Sight, Out of Time” as well as Rachel Hawkins’ “Hex Hall” and “Spell Bound.”