Letter: Learn How To Protect Children

Letter: Learn How To Protect Children

To the Editor:

Who could hurt a child? I don’t know, but many adults do hurt and exploit children for selfish reasons. Our children deserve our protection from predators and others who do not have their best interests at the forefront. Adults all share the common experience of childhood. Who among us has not felt vulnerable, alone, or betrayed as a child? Do you remember who hurt you as a child? Was it an adult or another child perhaps? How long did the pain linger in your heart and soul? I know that mine does to this day. Childhood hurts affect our adult behavior and may leave us under developed in body, mind and spirit. Childhood injury to body and mind can be minimized if adults use common sense and encourage children to take on the responsibility of personal safety. Children will grow into their own sense of personal safety with adults guiding and challenging them to think about situations, places, and people that are potentially harmful. Instead of not thinking about childhood personal safety, let’s empower them with courage and tools.

On Friday, May 25 from 12-5 p.m. the Beatley Central Library, the Office of the Mayor, the Alexandria Police Department, the Alexandria Sheriff’s Department and the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children will host Take 25, a national campaign to make child protection a community priority and encourage parent and guardians to Take 25 minutes to talk to their children about personal safety. Children are our legacy, let us make a commitment to keep all of them safe.

Margo L. Chisholm