Letter: Misguided Belief

Letter: Misguided Belief

To the Editor:

Karen Christenson’s commentary on the health care ["Strengthening, Not Blocking, Health Care Law," Reston Connection, May 23-29, Reston Connection] provided an excellent illustration of a number of shortcomings in America’s medical practices. As Ms. Christenson ably illustrates, self-employed persons are particularly disadvantaged by our system. However, her endorsement of the Affordable Care Act

(Obamacare) as the solution is an example of reverse logic. Most of the deficiencies sited by Ms. Christenson are the direct result of the federal government’s involvement in the health care. The belief that complete government control of the health care system will improve it is misguided. A large diverse country such as the United States requires the application of market forces to inject fairness and efficiency into our medical services. Virginia can contribute to that effort by replacing outgoing U.S. Senator Jim Webb with Governor George


Bob Peters