Letter: Praise for Professor

Letter: Praise for Professor

To the Editor:

After attending a baseball game at Nationals Park this past summer, Washington D.C. resident T.C. Maslin was walking home to his Capital Hill home when he was accosted, beaten badly and left for dead by three thugs. This crime was so vicious that Mr. Maslin may not be able to ever regain his ability to have a normal life. A young professional with a wife and small child, Mr. Maslin suffered massive head injuries that have resulted in numerous surgeries.

Karen L. Bune is an adjunct professor at Marymount University in Arlington, a renowned victim specialist, and a nationally recognized instructor, writer and professional in the field. Recently Professor Bune’s victimology class took the time to recognize and support Mr. Maslin and his family as they go through such a difficult, trying time after this senseless act of violence.

With the professor’s guidance, the class provided several gifts for Mrs. Maslin that included a scrapbook of inspiration that they developed, a donation of toys for her child, and a letter from the class that was matted and framed. This showing of support was presented during an informal ceremony during the class on Nov. 20. Unfortunately due to circumstances Mrs. Maslin could not be on hand; however, a representative from the Metro Police Department was available to able to collect the gifts and will have them delivered.

In today’s world very little attention is given to the victims of crime. Professor Bune’s class has filled that void. Professor Bune’s selfless, untiring efforts are invaluable to the students. She brings attention to the victims, especially the family that is so adversely affected. Professor Bune and her class should be commended and recognized for their efforts. Hats-off to them.

Charles E. Flinn III

Captain (retired), Prince Georges County, Maryland FIRE/EMS Department