Letter: Campaign Donations

Letter: Campaign Donations

— To the Editor:

Data from the Virginia Public Access Project (www.vpap.org) allows some interesting comparisons between Andrew Macdonald’s fundraising efforts this year and those of current Alexandria Mayor William Euille.

First, from Jan. 1, 2012 through the end of August, Mayor Euille raised only $17,234 in campaign donations from 33 people or organizations who donated more than $100 each plus 78 more who donated less. Over the same period, Mr. Macdonald raised $29,541 from 68 donors (more than $100 each) plus 125 more (donating less). This suggests either that Mayor Euille may be so confident that he will win re-election that he feels it unnecessary to do much fundraising or perhaps that his heart is no longer in the Mayor’s job.

Second, of the $17,234 received by Mayor Euille’s campaign, $5,900 — or 34 percent — came from businesses or organizations. Conversely, in Mr. Macdonald’s case only $819 out of the $29,541 he raised—less than 3 percent — came from a business or organization rather than an individual person. This suggests that Mr. Macdonald enjoys substantial grass-roots support among Alexandria’s citizens, while Mayor Euille is tied closely to special-interest groups and developers.

The coming election, now little more than a month away, is vitally important for the future of Alexandria. Will the city continue to be turned over to developers, as it has been throughout Mayor Euille’s nine-year administration, or will it be returned to the citizens? The November ballot is long and complicated and includes the local races at the end, after the national and state contests. Please make sure to vote and remember to complete your ballot by voting for the local candidates of your choice.

Hugh Van Horn, Treasurer

Andrew Macdonald for Mayor