Letter: Spirit of Amadeus Among Us

Letter: Spirit of Amadeus Among Us

To the Editor:

I happened on an old friend's doorstep to remember her birthday and her husband popped out and mentioned his volunteer work with the McLean based Amadeus Concert series. I had seen the concerts in event calendar listings and it just so happened that my schedule was free and my family was available to attend. I felt some kind of inner tug that I should go (despite my kids protestations) and oh was I rewarded! We attended the 32nd season's first concert at St. Luke's Catholic Church in McLean. The parking was free, kids under 17 are free and the premise is "orchestra up close and personal."

My experience was nothing short of a revelation. I consider it a small miracle that a collection of wood, string and metal combined can emit such a glorious sound. Then to be up so close to experience the music. The conductor, A. Scott Wood, explained a little history of each piece and his moves at the podium only added to the delight. The violin solo by Elisabeth Adkins of "The Lark Ascending" was breathtaking! The program was not too long and then there was a reception at the end.

I bring this up because the Amadeus Concert series is truly a gem and we were one of the very few families or "young" people present. I am only a casual orchestral fan, but this was truly beautiful, accessible and well done - right in our backyard. For us, we put down the remote, logged off and did something "new" that was inspiring and refreshing. The next concert is October 14 - make it a date, a family occasion, or a solo event just for the joy of music, just go!

AJ Assaadi