Letter: Support State Amendments


Letter: Support State Amendments

To the Editor:

Vote Yes!

Two important Constitutional Amendments are on the ballot. I recommend that Alexandrians vote Yes on amendments 1 and 2:

1: Prevents a jurisdiction such as a city from seizing private property for a city-supported private use, not a public function. The amendment would prevent local government from making a deal with a developer at the expense of the city residents or business owners. (Remember the Kehoe Case in New London, Conn., in which the city took private property for a developer’s use, not for public use.)

2 Allows the General Assembly to fix the starting date for the “veto” session to not conflict with a religious holiday.

And vote Yes for the three City Council candidates who gallantly and forcefully spoke for the rights of Alexandria citizens in the City Council debates. In fact, Fannon, Hughes and Wood were exceedingly well received. As a measure of the displeasure many Alexandria residents have for the incumbents who act as if they alone know what is best for the citizenry, the incumbent long-lifers were boo-ed by the Democrats for their obfuscation of facts and events.

Issues are very important but attitude is too. We pay (more and more) for our governmental services. At least those who are supposed to represent our interests should treat us with respect.

Linda Greenberg