Cleanup at Little Hunting Creek

— Volunteers started work on Friday, Oct. 19 removing shopping carts from Little Hunting Creek off Janna Lee Avenue. Robert O’Hanlon, Ed Raduazo and others have removed 133 carts since the cleanup began last April.


Rob Surovell combs the ground surrounding the creek bed at Janna Lee Avenue for discarded trash on Saturday afternoon.

State Del. Scott Surovell along with family and friends and Girl Scout Troop 922 cleared 37 shopping carts, 12 tires (including one bulldozer tire), 45 bags of bottle and cans and plastic bags, three bikes, a lawnmower, umbrella with stand, a doll bed, a vacuum cleaner, 5-gallon gas can, three paint cans, a cat house and a bowling ball from the creek this past weekend.


Del. Scott Surovell adds more trash to the growing pile in the parking lot on Seven Woods Drive.