Letter; Analytical Skills Needed

Letter; Analytical Skills Needed

To the Editor:

“If not now, when?” — A 40 year Alexandria citizen and life-long Democrat, I must abandon one claim (only within this city) to preserve the other. Clinging to the claim of “citizen”, I cannot vote for any of the BRAC Five, all Democrats (Euille, Pepper, Wilson, Lovain, Smedberg). I find their positions on development destructive to the essential character of our city — putting at risk our heritage and keys to our future economic prosperity. At one debate I heard four of them attribute their BRAC position in part to being misled by city staff’s presentations. Tantamount to an admittance of poor analytical skills and/or their ability to assert true leadership, their “excuse” is unacceptable. Might these flaws explain their advocacy for shortsighted and damaging positions on development from the waterfront to the west end?

At this precarious point in our history, I will vote for candidates who might have a chance at healing the wounds created in the last two years — those who will listen, challenge, scientifically analyze, integrate, and seek to bring us, the citizens of this city, together while moving us forward. Three of those candidates are Andrew Macdonald for Mayor, Allison Silberberg and Bob Wood for Council.

Janet King

Citizen of Alexandria