Letter: ID Opposition Demeans People

Letter: ID Opposition Demeans People

— To the Editor:

From time to time I read newspaper articles about requiring IDs to vote and certain politicians and other individuals use suppression of votes as a reason to oppose such proposals. Delegate Surovell used historical events dating back to 1851 to justify his opposition to have a valid ID to vote. That's really grasping at straws.

Everyone's vote when cast should count. If someone who votes is not legitimate, that vote cancels a legitimate vote. Is that appropriate and is that what you want? Also, to argue that requiring a legitimate ID as suppressing votes by certain ethnic groups is demeaning. It implies that such groups don't have the wherewith all or sense to know how to get a legitimate ID. IDs are required by many organizations including government entities. So most people have IDs. For those who do not, efforts should be made to help them acquire IDs for voting if they don't have an acceptable ID. I have talked and worked with many groups of people over the years and I have yet to run across anyone, except certain handicapped persons, who can't help themselves as certain politicians and others imply when IDs are mentioned for voting.

Politicians and others should quit using lame excuses that demean people and do what is necessary to ensure the integrity of one of the most important actions people take which is electing officials to represent them. And, help ensure that every vote cast is legitimate.

Frank Medico

Mount Vernon