Letter: Misinterpreting the President

Letter: Misinterpreting the President

To the Editor:

I was sorry to see Delegate Albo jump on the bandwagon of misinterpretation for partisan ends [“‘Somebody Else’ Didn’t Come,” Connection, Aug. 30-Sept. 5, 2012]. President Obama when he made his statement regarding building a business and not building it solely on your own was referring to the foundation that has been laid in this country that allows entrepreneurial spirit and endeavors to blossom. That foundation is a combination of the laws, the infrastructure and the services provided by our government and the knowledge, teaching, support and example of our teachers, our mentors, our parents, our partners and those who came before us. Delegate Albo’s hard work in building his law firm cannot be denied but neither should the foundation upon which it was made possible. My husband is also a small business owner and I am familiar with the risk and struggle necessary to succeed. We rejoice in our good fortune and understand the role that outside forces played in getting us here. Delegate Albo says he respects our president but knowingly twisting the spirit of the president’s remarks is not respectful.

Miriam Meyer