Column: Senior Law Day: Alexandria for a Lifetime

Column: Senior Law Day: Alexandria for a Lifetime

— Many important discussions will take place at Senior Law Day: Alexandria for a Lifetime on Saturday, October 13 at First Baptist Church, 2932 King Street from 8:30 a.m. to noon.

Consider families in transition. There will come a moment in every household when these words become unavoidable. Strange as it may sound, this is often an appropriate description of what happens when a family finds itself facing financial decisions involving the long-term care of a loved one. Far from being a rarity, long-term care challenges do not represent a new normal, it’s the now normal. The task of dealing with a prolonged dependency can seem overwhelming given all the variables. Taking the right steps can help families simplify the task. These steps include choosing a leader, getting organized, and making every dollar have a job.

During moments of catastrophic crisis, it is important to have a plan; one that has been discussed and understood by all family members. Instead of focusing on the needs of the future, families in transition must put the needs of the present first.

This topic and others as important will be presented and discussed by local experts who together with attendees will explore opportunities for aging well in our community by accessing myriad services available to assist and protect the older adult and their loved ones. This free seminar will target planning documents, housing, insurance, financing, and medical and care resources available to families, both for seniors themselves, and the children, friends and caregivers who are helping them meet the challenges of aging.

To register for Senior Law Day: Alexandria for a Lifetime, call 703-836-4414, ext.10 or at The seminar is cosponsored by Senior Services of Alexandria and the Alexandria Bar Association. Sponsors of the event to date include Synergy Home Care, Morgan-Stanley Smith Barney/ Ellen Cleary, Bernstein Global Wealth Management, TD Bank, Redmon, Peyton and Braswell, Woodbine Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, The Fountains at Washington House, Goodwin House, The Alexandria Bar Foundation and Mount Vernon Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.