Letter: Why ID Law Is Needed

Letter: Why ID Law Is Needed

— To the Editor:

Below are four recent examples of why we need the Virginia voter ID law:

First, D.C. Mayor Gray’s campaign misused 6,000 public housing names and addresses during his campaign. He is still has not been held accountable. If Democrats are so concerned about our ID law, the first thing they need to do is clean up the corruption in their own ranks.

Second, the D.C.-based Voter Participation Center mailed out voter registration forms to hundreds of dead Virginians, children, non-citizens, and pets. The Virginia State Board of Elections found that the Center had sent “hundreds if not thousands” of registration forms to ineligible voters.

Third, the Virginia State Board did not choose to investigate the Center, even after receiving 750 complaints.

And most recently, our State Board of Elections allowed Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode on the Virginia Presidential ballot despite allegations of fraud similar to what has occurred in other states where he was disqualified.

Voter fraud is a great danger that strikes at the very integrity of our election process. Voter identification is one way we can protect all our votes.

Thomas W. Russell