HS Management Consulting Opens for Business

HS Management Consulting Opens for Business

Hollis Stambaugh, a management consultant, has launched a new business, HS Management Consulting (HSMC) based in Fairfax. Stambaugh has led major strategic and analytic studies, enhanced emergency preparedness capabilities for government and commercial clients, conducted dozens of post disaster analyses and guided multi-agency partnerships for over 30 years. Her goal in establishing HSMC is to work closely with clients to provide customized services that enhance rather than replace clients' base of operations or programs.

HSMC aims to quickly respond to clients’ requests and complete the work efficiently. The business wants to provide clients with full cycle consulting, helping them identify requirements, analyze gaps, set priorities, and chart affordable solutions that lead to success. HS Management Consulting is a woman-owned business that produces practical and strategic solutions for a wide range of emergency preparedness, port security, data analysis and business development requirements. HSMC helps strengthen the capabilities of government and the private sector to protect people, infrastructure and the economy with an emphasis on public-private partnerships and technologies.

Visit www.hsmc.biz for more information.