Letter: No ‘Anti-defense’ Candidate

Letter: No ‘Anti-defense’ Candidate

To the Editor:

In his latest column [“Who is Running to Represent You?,” Reston Connection, Sept. 19-25, 2012] John Lovaas notes disdainfully that Chris Perkins is a defense lobbyist—as if he's the only retired colonel in this town. In contrast, Lovaas considers the incumbent, Gerry Connolly, merely a "pro-business centrist." Somehow Lovaas fails to note that Connolly was a senior executive for a defense contractor and has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the defense industry. Jim Moran, whom Lovaas considers an even more virtuous "unabashed progressive Democrat," has received millions in contributions from the defense industry.

There is no "anti-defense" candidate in this race—nor should there be, as thousands of defense workers and active duty military in this district deserve strong representation. But let's not pretend that Connolly is somehow inherently more virtuous than Perkins, who was serving his country while Connolly (who never served) was reaping large personal and political benefits from military spending.

James Perry