Letter: Alarmed by School Names

Letter: Alarmed by School Names

To the Editor:

Am I the only one alarmed by the presence of high schools named after confederate leaders? After our nation's long and divisive war, symbols of bigotry abound; this, however, is only amplified as a problem when the symbol is a high school.

To be clear, the "War of Northern Aggression" (as it is ridiculously called in some areas), and Virginia's part in it, are things to be ashamed of, not to glorify. Forcibly legitimizing treasonous villains, and allowing our children to be the recipient of our preposterous revisionism is wrong.

For example: The following high schools should be changing their names immediately:

Robert E Lee High School

JEB Stuart High School

Fairfax High School (Rebels)

Stonewall Jackson High School

To erroneously fight your country is wrong. To erroneously fight your country for your right to enslave is worse. To glorify those who have erroneously fought their country for their right to enslave is the worst thing we could be doing.

Kiran Hampton

Great Falls