Letter: Letters to the Editor-Who Is Responsible?

Letter: Letters to the Editor-Who Is Responsible?

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Walmart for its decision to put wheel locks on shopping carts, because they are expensive — nearly $100. But attempts to apply external pressure, and especially attempts at legislation to force Walmart to this action, is way out of line. Perhaps the same idea should be applied to Goodyear, Coke, etc., to force them also to invent some type of braking system so that we won't find their discarded items in unwanted areas.

I am still a little confused about the possibility of finding a Pepsi container in a McDonald's bag on my own property. Who is responsible — Pepsi or McDonald's? Certainly not the litterer!

And might anyone stealing a Home Depot cart be held responsible for theft? Of course some of us couldn't understand that someone might have really needed a cart ... right up until it was time to dump it into a creek, rather than returning it or using it again.

Rich Keil