Letter: Bloated Bureaucracy

Letter: Bloated Bureaucracy

To the Editor:

I am glad to see the Alexandria Gazette Packet finally exposing the bloated and costly bureaucracy in the City of Alexandria public school system. This has been a vexing problem for many years, going back to when the controversial consolidation plan of the three high schools was implemented in 1971.

We’ve never really recovered from the turbulence of the early 1970s. We also have had a lot of old deadwood in the City of Alexandria’s public school system. Some employees have been allowed to hang around for far too long past their prime, if they ever had a prime. The City of Alexandria public school system needs a thorough housecleaning. An old high school classmate of mine who still lives in Alexandria sends his kids to a private school in the District of Columbia (just as does the President of the United States). He described the City of Alexandria public school system to me as a “train wreck.”

Gregory G. Paspatis

T.C. Williams High School Class of 1978