Letter: Silence Means Approval

Letter: Silence Means Approval

To the Editor:

It has come to my attention that the city has approached the Founders Park Community Association for approval to use Founders Park for large and small events, public, commercial and private. Please contact the Founders Park Board and City Council to let them know your feelings about such use of Founders Park.

I am very opposed to the idea. Founders Park is a beautiful open space that is used by families and individuals for the activities and enjoyment commonly associated with such beautiful open spaces. Allowing Founders Park to be closed for the preparation, execution and damage repair of such events is directly counter to the intention of the original purposes the park was intended for. It will, among other things, increase the parking issues in the neighborhood and make the personal uses (strolling, picnics, Frisbee throwing, dog walking) of the park more difficult.

I urge everyone to take a strong stand against such uses of the park by the city.

Protect Founders Park. Do not be silent! Your silence will show acquiescence and approval.

Jim Walker