Success at SkillsUSA Competition

Success at SkillsUSA Competition


Kyle Wright received 1st place in Automotive Refinishing Technology.


Jack Gallagher received 1st place in Computer Maintenance Technology.

Students in the SkillsUSA District 5 Chantilly Academy, A Governor’s STEM Academy, were honored at the 49th Annual SkillsUSA State Leadership and Skill Conference held in Roanoke on April 20 and 21.

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to train high school students in career and technical education skills.

Chantilly Academy had 29 top five finishers, and qualified 9 first place finishers to advance to the National SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, at the end of June. They include:

  • Automotive Refinishing Technology: Kyle Wright, 1st place

  • Computer Maintenance Technology: Jack Gallagher, 1st place

  • Community Service: Melissa Howell, Ashlee Olsen & Andrea Quiroa, 1st place

  • Entrepreneurship: Victoria Gorospe, Somya Leskanich, Amber Patterson & Monica Scholberg, 1st place

  • Entrepreneurship: Edward Jensen, Yusuf Masumi, Sanjar Omuraliev & Javier Velasquez, 2nd place

  • Prepared Speech: Juliana Rosa, 2nd place

  • Related Technical Math: Tyler Gregory, 2nd place

  • Club Scrapbook: Rania Beshara & Alyssa Milan Unson, 2nd place; Kylie Makris & Alice sanchez, 4th place

  • Cosmetology: Cindy Amaya, 2nd place & Desiree dePondicchello, 5th place

  • Job Skill Demonstration: Michelle Fitzsimmons, 3rd place

  • Veterinary Assisting: Rebecca Shapiro, 3rd place & Mihika Dhyani, 4th place

  • Essay: Victoria Zimmerman, 4th place

  • Poster: Yinh-Jou chu, 4th place

  • Food Preparation Assistant: McClaren Rhodes, 4th place

  • Extemporaneous Speaking: Kimana Bowen, 4th place & Victoria Zimmerman, 5th place

  • Occupational Scrapbook: Brooke Snyder, 5th place

  • Action Skills: Lizzie Speidel, 5th place.