Editorial: Identity Tips

Editorial: Identity Tips

Review Credit Reports and Avoid Ripoffs

— Fairfax County police offer the following tips regarding identity theft and fraud:

  • Review credit reports annually;

Experian: Fraud/credit history, 888-397-3742;

Trans Union: Fraud, 800-680-7289; Credit history, 800-888-4213;

Equifax: Fraud, 800-525-6285; Credit report, 800-685-1111.

Go to www.annualcreditreport.com.

  • Opt out of receiving pre-approved, credit-card applications by calling 888-567-8688.

  • Monitor credit cards and bank accounts online for early fraud detection.

  • Don’t mail bills from home; use electronic banking, if possible.

  • Victims of identity theft should get a police report and secure a seven-year fraud alert or a credit freeze.

  • People 70 and older should contact the credit bureaus and obtain a credit freeze, even if they’re not currently identity-theft victims.

  • Never wire money to strangers online; these requests are scams.