Opinion: Calling for Stricter State Ethics Laws

Opinion: Calling for Stricter State Ethics Laws

— In reaction to Gov. Robert McDonnell’s repayment of $120,000 in loans last week, Del. Rob Krupicka released a statement calling for stricter ethical oversight of elected officials and campaign regulations:

“As elected officials we must hold ourselves to a higher standard. We need to earn the trust of the people we are supposed to represent. The only way to achieve this is by making our system as transparent as possible, and to create more stringent reporting policies to ensure that transparency remains un-obscured. Virginians should not have to tolerate such shady practices from the highest office in the state.

“The legislature needs to come together on this, because corruption real or perceived in the Governor’s Mansion or anywhere in our government is not an acceptable status quo.

“I call on all my colleagues, Republican and Democrat, to come together and work for stricter ethics laws and more transparency in government. The last few months have created significant concerns about the openness and transparency of our government. Ethics reform is a critical step towards rebuilding that trust.”

To contact Krupicka’s office with any questions or comments call 571-357-4762 or email DelRKrupicka@house.virginia.gov