Letter to the Editor: Derry Will Be Missed

Letter to the Editor: Derry Will Be Missed

To the Editor:

Bob Feldkamp’s very nice memorial to Frederic Wolcott (Derry) Bancroft, which appeared in the Gazette Packet – Neighborhoods – old Town (Feb. 21) was much appreciated.

As an addendum: Derry was a long-time member of a very casual group of residents who met weekly on Fridays for lunch. Said group started about 40 years ago and was composed of (mostly) boys born, raised and worked in Alexandria. Restaurants usually chosen were, and are, Warehouse, Wharf, Union Street and Chadwicks but we occasionally experiment with a few others. As membership has sometimes declined over the years, refills have been carefully chosen.

Derry, although slightly liberal, was a great asset at our lunches and was very much liked by all.

Former and current members include Robins Lindsey, Douglas Lindsey, Norwood Michie, Anderton (Andy) Burke, David Burke, Julian Burke, Jack Ticer, Lee Duncan, Arthur Kelleher, Will Williams, Jim Aldige, Charles (Chuck) Langdon, Temple Moore, Clarke (Tom) Cooper and the undersigned.

A good many of our survivors attended the funeral services and reception at St. Paul’s Church where we were able to speak with Ellen and their charming daughters, Elizabeth and Mary McLean.

Derry will be sorely missed.

William Francis (Bill) Smith