Letter: All Talk No Action

Letter: All Talk No Action

To the Editor:

I appreciate your Jan. 3-9, 2013, publication issue which contained the views and objectives of our local elected politicians.

As we have recently gone through an election year hearing the promises and goals of those running for office, the messages were the same, i.e., wanting funds for better roads in Northern Virginia, and to provide better services to us citizens. But nothing changes year after year in getting our elected officials to focus on getting these things done. The status quo is no longer acceptable by the voters. We are tired of viewing our politicians giving speeches and interviews with very little results in doing the people's business.

Having been a Springfield resident for over 22 years, the traffic congestion only gets worse. The real estate taxes keep going up. And any new roads only add to the expense to us travelers in getting to work; visiting family and friends, i.e., more tolls incurred by using these new express "Hot Lanes" with more being planned south of Springfield. The continued target of getting more money from the "middle class" has reached a peak in providing any more new tax dollars. Our economy is being subjected to increasing national and local debt; our unemployment picture is not changing to indicate any signs for growth, and our grocery and utility costs continue to rise. With all these constraints on our own personal budget, we need our elected leaders to get to work and do what we expect them to do—put aside their own agendas and finger pointing. They need to set aside their egos and address the needs of our county, state and nation.

Ronald L. Baker