‘To Reach the Beach’

‘To Reach the Beach’

Paige Atkins, Paige Roddey and Natlie Ruppe.

Paige Atkins, Paige Roddey and Natlie Ruppe. Photo by Laura Marshall

— The West Potomac Dance Team took over the floor at the boy’s varsity basketball game against Lee during halftime last Friday evening, Jan. 11. The team was joined by dancers from area schools for the performance as part of the ongoing preparations for the upcoming dance competition “Reach the Beach,” to be held at Ocean City, Md. in the end of February.

The varsity dance team held a three-day dance workshop to teach area youth the dance that they performed at halftime of Friday’s game. The next dance workshop will be held on Jan. 30, 31 and Feb. 1.

Funds raised will help to defray the costs of the dancers.