Their Dreams

Their Dreams

Studying Martin Luther King’s speech at Churchill Road


Churchill Road first graders Emilia Torterola, Tessa Jones, William Wynne, Jacob Sedaca, Raka Adakroy and Riley Buddie stand in front of the Martin Luther King, Jr. bulletin board where their dreams for the future are displayed.

Over the past month, Libby Diffie’s, Robyn Fry’s and David Suchoski’s first graders at Churchill Road have been learning about famous Americans from the past to the present. The students spent extra time studying Martin Luther King, Jr. and his “I have a dream” speech. After hearing his speech, students created a bulletin board of their own dreams by completing the phrase: “I had a dream that…”

Among the childrens’ dreams are:

“All the kids (in the world) have food to eat” (Emilia Torterola).

“All people are to be friends” (Tessa Jones).

“There is peace throughout the world” (William Wynne).

“If I lived back then, I would give speeches just like Martin Luther King” (Riley Buddie).

“All children have clean water and food” (Raka Adakroy).

“All animals be safe and all people be healthy” (Jacob Sedaca).