Parking Structure, Mixed Use Development Project Abandoned

Parking Structure, Mixed Use Development Project Abandoned

Due to the withdrawal of Suffolk Construction Company, Inc., the project’s general contractor, the Town of Vienna and Arrington Properties, LLC have mutually agreed to terminate the project. Since early 2012, the Town and Arrington Properties have been working together to develop a mixed-use retail and residential building and a four-level parking structure on property located at 120 Church St. N.W.

On May 20, the Vienna Town Council approved a guaranteed maximum price contract with Suffolk Construction Company, Inc. as the general contractor for the joint project. Recently, Suffolk notified the Town and Arrington Properties that it was closing its mid-Atlantic office and would be unable to execute the negotiated contract. In an effort to secure a replacement general contractor, the town received estimates from other companies; however, the results indicated that the cost of the parking structure would exceed the figure approved during the May 20 Town Council meeting. Rather than expend further funds on the project, the parties have determined that it is in the best interests of all concerned that the joint project be abandoned.

This project was submitted under the Town’s Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act (PPEA) procedures on March 2, 2012. The initial proposal included the development of a mixed-use building owned and financed by Arrington Properties, LLC located on the front portion of the lot. The back portion of the lot was proposed to be sold to the town for $1 in order for the town to finance and maintain a four-level public parking structure that would support public parking along historic Church Street.

As a result of the termination of this joint project, Arrington Properties has proposed an alternative development on the lot located at 120 Church Street N.W. that would consist of a smaller two-story, mixed-use building, and utilize the remaining space for surface parking. In addition, Arrington Properties has proposed making available to the Town of Vienna any parking not required for its existing and proposed space on a favorable basis yet to be discussed, but involving no capital outlay by the town.

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