Letter: Concerts on the Green: Impossible to Enjoy

Letter: Concerts on the Green: Impossible to Enjoy

To the Editor:

We could not agree more with Jan Heginbotham about the Concerts on the Green having become impossible to enjoy [“Concerts on the Green: Bad Habits on Display,” Great Falls Connection, June 26-July 2, 2013].

Parents enjoy the concerts because they can socialize with other parents while the music plays. Meanwhile, because their children are running wild for all to see, they don't feel they have to worry about them.

Great for the parents, rotten for anyone who wants to hear music, or see the musicians through the screen of whirling dervishes. We also quit going a few years ago for the reasons Jan so reasonably outlined.

What parents seem to want is sort of a dog park, except with kids and chilled wine. Perhaps they could have Saturday night on the Green, with a DJ?

Lynn and Robert Mobley

Great Falls