To the Editor: Memories from Landmark Mall

To the Editor: Memories from Landmark Mall

— I enjoyed reading Michael Lee Pope’s article on the situation at Landmark Mall (“Winds of Change at Landmark, Once Thriving Mall Braces for Development,” Alexandria Gazette Packet, June 27). It was good that he provided some historical background on the grand opening of Landmark in 1965 and its heyday as an outdoor mall in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.

As a 52-year-old lifelong Alexandrian, let me share my memories of the old Landmark. As a young man I patronized many establishments at Landmark such as Irving’s Sporting Goods, Alexandria Arts and Crafts Hobby Store (which had relocated from 809 Cameron St. around 1973) and Variety Music in the underground mall.

It was a different Alexandria back then. The demographics of the West End have changed dramatically. But I have always continued to shop and dine at Landmark. I’m an old-school Alexandrian and I enjoy the convenience and tradition of going there.

Gregory G. Paspatis