Centreville Military Notes

The 10th District’s Class of 2017 appointments to the nation’s service academies, as well as those selected for academy prep schools: United States Air Force Academy — George Calley, Tyler Dietrich, Katherine Fitzgerald, Kristopher Fortier, Taylor Schwenke, Daniel Weisz and Christopher Wilson. United States Merchant Marine Academy — Quinn O’Connell, Marcus Quint and Rachel Wehlburg. United States Military Academy — Nicholas Flowerday, Phillip Grant, Patrick Kearney, John Handley, Simon Vogler, Jacob Williams and Nicholas Wright. United States Military Academy Preparatory School — Melissa Ziegler. United States Naval Academy — Logan Ballard, Morgan De Jong, Michelle Doan, Lucia Lee, Catherine Macklin, Jordan Wilhelm-Wenze and Chad Palmiottol. United States Naval Academy Preparatory School — Jared Downing. United States Coast Guard Academy — Alex LaBelle and Sierra Webb.