Citizens Coalition for Police Accountability Compiles List of Victims

Citizens Coalition for Police Accountability Compiles List of Victims

In Support

List of organizations supporting Citizens Coalition for Police Accountability, Inc.’s proposal to create a Citizens Police Oversight Board in Fairfax County includes:

ACLU of Virginia

NAACP, Fairfax County Branch, Unit 7066

National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement National Association of Investigative Specialists

National Black Police Association

National Lawyers Guild

National Police Accountability Project

Racial Justice and Immigration Rights Project

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

List of Victims

The Citizens Coalition for Police Accountability, Inc. has compiled a list of victims of Fairfax County police-related shooting deaths. Victims were unarmed. Police incident reports were not released.

Name: Dr. Salvatore Culosi

Date of Incident: 1/24/2006

Summary Description: Shot and killed in front of his home.

Swat Team delivering a warrant for sports betting.

Comments: Fairfax County settled lawsuit for $2 million.

Name: Randall Leroy Collins

Date of Incident: 5/23/2007

Summary Description: Shot 11 times.

Name: Hailu Brook

Date of Incident: 12/10/2008

Summary Description: Shot multiple times in the back while fleeing.

Name: David Masters

Date of Incident: 11/13/2009

Summary Description: Shot in the back while sitting in his car.

Name: Ian Smith

Summary of Incident: Mentally ill; shot multiple times in his home.

Name: Nicholas Allan Kaelber

Date of Incident: 7/8/2012

Summary of Incident: Looked suspicious; fled; stopped by fence; shot multiple times in the back.