Great Falls Studios Online Gallery Features ‘Inner Realms’

Pull up a chair and travel into the “Inner Realms,” a place deep within the spirit, heart or soul, sometimes hidden in plain sight, and the featured theme for June at Great Falls Studios’ Virtual Gallery.


Guru Sangat Khalsa in “Bubblehead Meditation,” mixed media on board, tells us “anyone can meditate.”

Curator Will Tuthill calls it “a fascinating collection of art forms.” GFS member artists have interpreted the title using oil, layered paper, pencil, wood and hammered copper embellished with turquoise. One piece includes duct tape, and in another a photograph carries us back to Thelma’s Store (remember when it stood on Colvin Run Road, Great Falls). Enjoy the magic with the click of a mouse: see the exhibition at http://www.greatfallsstudios.com/virtualgallery-new.php.