Viewpoints: Langley High School Graduation

Where Are You Going Next and Where Do You See Yourself in 10 years?


Eric Abravanel (left), Ty Kovacs (right).


Kady Kriner (left), Grace MacDougall (right).


Grace Goettman.


Paul Bernstein.

Eric Abravanel: “I will be attending University of Wisconsin, studying engineering and business and hopefully working for an engineering company in the future.”

Ty Kovacs: “I am going to University of Texas to study government and business and want to be involved in politics in the future.”

Kady Kriner: “I am playing soccer at William & Mary and then want to do something with solar energy and engineering afterwards.”

Grace MacDougall: “I am going to Tulane University and then plan on going wherever life takes me, possibly in a public relations.”

Grace Goettman: “I am playing lacrosse at Stanford University and then be in business after my career.”

Paul Bernstein: “I am attending the London School of Economics and then be happily working someplace government related.”