Letter to the Editor: Responsive Teachers

Letter to the Editor: Responsive Teachers

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, Feb. 27 an incident occurred outside Lyles Crouch Traditional Academy. Tragically, Officer Peter Laboy was shot and is fighting to survive. Many of the parents of children at Lyles Crouch would like to thank the officer for his service and we are praying for a full recovery for him. But we would also like to draw attention to the quick actions of two of the school's teachers who kept our children safe.

At the time of the shooting, two first grade classes were enjoying recess on the playground. I have twin girls and although they are in separate classes they were both outside. I'm sure I'm not the only parent whose imagination considered the possibility of those bullets making their way into the playground area. We have learned from our children that when the blast was heard the teachers — Ms. Jaimee Cruz-Menendez and Ms. Erin Gagnon — swiftly gathered the children and ushered them inside to safety. Ms. Gagnon even scooped up one of the students who was on crutches to move him inside without delay. I, and many other parents would like to commend these teachers for their prompt, protective actions. Thank you for teaching our children well and keeping them safe. In addition, we owe thanks to our Principal Dr. Zissios for her ongoing leadership.

Tiffany Pache