Letter: ‘Green’ Tax

Letter: ‘Green’ Tax

To the Editor:

You have to laugh. You know how our liberal friends love to raise "revenue" for a variety of self-defined beneficent causes: Rail to Dulles, "transportation," school facilitators, "green" projects, and such. Plunging in to save the world, some folks purchased, at a price, hybrid vehicles. Now no sooner have these environmentally worthy folks been slapped with a small tax directly (with Democrat votes), they are rushing to the microphones at warp speed.

Our delegate, who has two such "environmentally responsible" vehicles, dislikes the hybrid tax ("All's Well That Ends Well," Reston Connection, Feb. 27-March 5, 2013). A matter of minutes after having commended Richmond's dubious transportation tax hike, Delegate Plum ("I was both amazed and delighted") says he is "writing to the governor to ask him to rethink that whole proposition" (of a $100 a year hybrid-vehicle tax). We feel the pain of owners of such hybrids (a whopping 1.3 percent of Virginia's vehicle fleet), but cannot forgo a wry grin. Oxen being gored, and all that.

Anyone seen a Volt anywhere?

Harry Locock