Letter to the Editor: Illusory Benefits

Letter to the Editor: Illusory Benefits

To the Editor:

In the March 7 edition of the Gazette Packet, Mayor Euille was quoted saying, “As a lifelong resident of the City, I would not vote for or support a plan that would harm the community, plain and simple.” As a long-time resident, this may be true. As a builder, his perspective and mindset allows him to think of more development as always positive and good for the community. In truth, it is not always so.

This waterfront rezoning and recent plans all propose to greatly increase density and future impacts on the neighborhood and city, at a most sensitive location. The most recent plan is not much different from the three-large-hotels plan; dictating an extreme change in density. It will irrevocably change our city, and the changes will not be as good as believed by our development-friendly council. The waterfront rezoning of the ‘90s was a great victory for the city. And now that effort will be undone by blindered planning and profit motive for the few, for illusory benefits that will be eclipsed by the costs and negative impacts to our community over the long-run.

There are many long-time residents (and newcomers too) who are appalled by this rezoning and our inability to have an impact on the course of events. Our voices have been discounted because those of the development industry are worth more.

Kathleen Kust