Letter to the Editor: Protect Del Ray, Not West End?

Letter to the Editor: Protect Del Ray, Not West End?

To the Editor:

The recent concerns of many Del Ray residents about the possibility that Walgreens may move into their neighborhood at the corner of Mt. Vernon Avenue and E. Monroe Avenue and displacing several businesses who have been in the Del Ray neighborhood for many years raises a very important question/concern for this resident.

How is it that Mayor Euille who resides in Del Ray is speaking out so loudly to protect his neighborhood saying at the last council public hearing on Saturday, March 16, that "we will do what we can to prevent Walgreens from coming into Del Ray"? Amazing. Clearly Mayor Euille could care less about other neighborhoods in Alexandria wherein major development has happened, i.e., West End/BRAC-133; Waterfront/Old Town and of course the Beauregard redevelopment plan located in the far west end of Alexandria wherein he and former council members and city staff didn't blink an eye when we got all the "good stuff"?

A reminder to Mayor Euille and Del Ray residents, the property owner of these businesses has every right to now want to sell his property as does the homeowner who decides to sell his or her home. Elected officials and P&Z have no say and should just keep quiet. Also, it would be quite beneficial if Mayor Euille and members of Planning and Zoning would stop talking about the possible redevelopment of Landmark Mall that is now owned by the Howard Hughes Corp. The Hughes Corp. is going to do what they want to do, when they want to do it and the city has no say with whatever happens with Landmark Mall.

As for Walgreens, if those residents who emailed city hall are really concerned about losing the two antique stores and other businesses on that block, instead of continuing with their protest emails about Walgreens or any other large business from moving into that block, they should help those business owners find another location in Del Ray. Or these businesses could move to the West End of Alexandria either at Landmark Mall or the Shops at Mark Center on Beauregard Street. We West End residents would gladly welcome them to our neighborhood.

Annabelle Fisher

West End resident