Letter to the Editor: Closed Door Meeting

Letter to the Editor: Closed Door Meeting

To the Editor:

Just received an e-mail flyer promoting the next “What’s Next Alexandria” community dialogue on April 30 at the First Baptist Church Activity Center on King Street. In addition, the flyer highlights the fact that the “Whats Next Alexandria” process is intended to strengthen our civic engagement in Alexandria. Unfortunately this program self destructed, or better yet imploded, on the day the council opted to vote on rezoning the waterfront during an executive session. That closed door meeting destroyed any trust we the citizens can expect from this council or their staff.

It is really hard to discern whether the council is just acquiescing to whims of the city attorney or whether they lack the intestinal fortitude to make tough decisions in the open with the full participation of the citizens. That one decision by this council tells me that what we can expect in the future is most likely going to be tainted unethically.

Townsend A. “Van” Van Fleet