Letter to the Editor: New Battle Of Manassas

Letter to the Editor: New Battle Of Manassas

To the Editor:

At a press conference at the Manassas Battlefield’s Stone House, Del, Tim Hugo (R-40) spoke in opposition to the North-South Corridor:

I am opposed to the North/South corridor as I believe it is an ill-conceived transportation project. In a move to provide a cut-through for cargo traffic to Dulles Airport, the Commonwealth Transportation Board and Virginia Department of Transportation are promoting a new billion dollar road that will devastate the commute of those on the I-66 corridor.

Inexplicably, missing from the CTB explanations of this project is the proposal to also close Route 29 and Route 234.

Especially egregious is VDOT’s proposal to close Route 29 and divert all of this traffic to I-66 which will exacerbate congestion on the I-66 corridor ... from Fauquier to Fairfax.

Additionally, this road will destroy the Rural Crescent, land that the Prince William Board of County Supervisors has pledged to protect; will take property away from over 100 landowners just in the Gainesville District; and will siphon monies away from critical transportation needs such as I-66.

I call on the Prince William, Fairfax and Fauquier County Board of Supervisors to work with us to fast track improvements to I-66 and Route 28. And I pledge to Prince William County to work with all stakeholders to bring real jobs to the County, not just a cut-through road to Dulles Airport.

If the North/South Corridor is built, resulting in the closure of Route 29, commuters in Fairfax, Prince William and Fauquier Counties will be sitting on I-66, missing their children’s events, missing dinners, and watching their quality of life deteriorate. VDOT, CTB, and the National Park Service are declaring war on the commuters of I-66. This is the New Battle of Manassas.

Tim Hugo

Delegate (R-40)