Letter to the Editor: Support Titan Expo

Letter to the Editor: Support Titan Expo

To the Editor:

Twenty-six years ago, the T.C. Williams’ Student Council Association (SCA) and the school’s Parent/Teacher Association (PTSA) came up with the idea of combining a school spirit carnival and white elephant sale to raise money for scholarships for T.C. Williams students. Today, this event is known as the T.C. Williams Titan Expo.

Why is this event so important to the community?

Because in these trying economic times, with soaring college tuition costs, the T.C. Titan Expo is providing a day of family fun while helping send neighbors, co-workers and friends’ children to college. And yet, many Alexandrians remain unaware of that fact.

Over the years, 221 T.C. Williams students have received the Larry Trice PTSA/SCA scholarships, thanks to the success of the T.C. Titan Expo. The scholarships are named after Larry Trice, a retired T.C. Williams math teacher who taught for 39 years at T.C. Today, Mr. Trice works part-time coordinating facilities at the high school and is the Expo’s chairperson.

I know this is a busy time of year, with many outdoor activities and sporting events. But, if anyone has an hour on Sunday, May 5, between 1 and 5 p.m., to eat cotton candy, play a game, listen to great live music or buy a book, that’s an hour well-spent on helping our children move forward.

Beth Craig Jones

Volunteer, 2013 T.C. Williams Titan Expo Committee